Human Factor in Aviation

A Human Factor is an issue that affects how people do their jobs. These are personal and social skills, such as communication and decision-making, that complement our technical skills.

The knowledge of human factor and human capabilities and limitations can be used to minimize the likelihood of errors, and to build systems that are more resilient to human-caused errors.
You can find detailed information regarding HFA Trainings including training syllabi on our website
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The HFA training courses we provide are designed for:

🖝 air operators
🖝 ground handling agents (GHA)
🖝 ATC services
🖝 aerodrome operators
🖝 PART-145 maintenance organisations
🖝 Part M continuing airworthiness management organisations
🖝 anyone who intends to obtain or deepen knowledge in the area of aviation safety management

Examples of issues discussed during the SMS training:

🖈 Introduction to Human Factors in Aviation
🖈 SHELL Model
🖈 Safety Culture/Just Culture
🖈 Reason's Model
🖈 Stress, fatigue, sleep
🖈 Decision Making Process and a Risk
🖈 Introduction to CRM and TRM
🖈 Introduction to NOTECHS
🖈 Procedures, information, tools and habits