In accordance with the applicable regulations, conducting aviation operations involving commercial transport of people and/or goods require obtaining Air Operator Certificate (AOC).
Requirements that operator must meet have been clearly defined in relevant regulations, and the process itself consists of series of activities that must be carried out in order to obtain AOC.

The process itself is time-consuming and requires involvement of many people with adequate knowledge in various subject areas related to conducting operations by air operator. This knowledge should be supported by experience not only in this subject area but also in the process of AOC certification. Excellent knowledge of domestic and international regulations concerning Commercial Air Transport (CAT) is also essential.

We offer professional support in the course of obtaining Air Operator Certificate (AOC), including comprehensive process management on your behalf and on the behalf of the Operator.
The offer includes, among others:

Preparation of operator for certification audit conducted by Aviation Authority, including participation in the audit, support, preparation of the programme for the elimination of revealed nonconformities

Conducting analysis with regard to requirements which must be met by the operator applying for the certificate and creating list of these requirements

Preparation of certification process, together with defining pre-application actions, which includes: defining the scope of actions, preparing the certification schedule, list of applications, letters, attachments and documents which shall be submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority

Presentation of the proposed organisation structure of the operator, together with indication of key positions and their competences

Assessment of candidates proposed for key positions (Nominated Persons) in terms of meeting requirements and their usefulness at these positions

Filling in the applications on behalf of the operator, completing with corresponding attachments and submitting to the Civil Aviation Authority

Monitoring the opinion and acknowledgement of submitted applications process, together with implementing necessary modifications until receiving acknowledgment from the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority

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