Operational documentation is a collection of information and rules essential to be able to conduct operations in a safe and effective manner, according to existing regulations and standards. In most cases, it shall be approved by the appropriate civil aviation authority in a given country.

We provide a comprehensive development of operational documentation as well as modification of existing documentation. This offer is suitable for commercial air operators (CAT, SPO, SPO-HR), private aircraft operators (GA/NCC), ground handling agents and includes the following documents:
OPS Manual - Operations Manual (parts A, B, C, D)
SMM - SMS Manual
MEL  - Minimum Equipment List ① 
CCM  - Cabin Crew Manual
EFB Manual  - EFB User's Manual
ERP - Emergency Response Plan
AHM - Airport Handling Manual
GOM - Ground Operations Manual
WBM - Weight and Balance Manual ① 
LS - Load and Trim Sheet ①  ②
EDP - Electronic Data Processing ①  ②  ③
The offer is valid for any aircraft type/variant and may be combined with the essential personnel training in the scope agreed with the operator eg. regarding changes implemented to the documentation (see: OPS Trainings - Flight Operations).

WAB Engineering calculations and graphical development of WAB sheet in print-ready form. On Operator’s request, LIR (Loading Instruction/Report) sheet may be developed.
Documentation is developed in accordance with IATA AHM standards.

Information package required to define database containing parameters of certain aircraft type/variant for DCS (Departure Control System).
Structure and data in accordance with IATA AHM standards.