Our Team consists of experts with a lot of experience in the area of aeronautical operations such as: performance, route, weight and balance calculations and analysis, flight planning, operational supervision, cost analysis and optimization of planned operations.
We are also experienced in the air operator certification process (CAT).

All members of our team have experience in conducting specialized trainings for airline employees (flight and ground personnel), airport employees and ground handling agents. They also have vast knowledge of regulations regarding dangerous goods transportation (DG) as far as audits, controls and trainings are concerned.
Our specialists have university degrees in the field of aeronautics and certificates which guarantee the highest level of proficiency and knowledge in their subject areas.

many years of work experience in different areas of civil aviation as well as aviation supervision and cooperation with international organizations such as ICAO and EASA

wide knowledge of domestic and international air law, regulating civil aviation operations, as well as its practical implementation, in accordance with a given specificity of subject’s operations

team of specialists with complex knowledge and experience guaranteeing the highest standards of service. We pay attention to theory but we give greater importance to the practice.

flexible and friendly approach towards our customers. We treat everyone individually, trying to adjust to their needs and requirements (specification of operations, season, fleet development, expiration dates of certificates, trainings, audits, etc.)