Compliance Management System

Organisational structure of the compliance monitoring function shall reflect operator’s size, character and complexity of operations.

It is essential to remember that operator is responsible for assuring compliance with binding regulations and, in particular, for the effectiveness of implementation and monitoring of all the corrective measures.

These regulations apply to complex and non-complex operators.

The aim of CMS training is to transfer comprehensive knowledge which assures fully effective compliance monitoring with regard to air and ground operations as well as business goals achievement support.

Trainings are conducted according to binding regulations, ORO.GEN.200 (Management System), ORO.GEN.130 (Changes related to an Air Operator Certificate).
You can find detailed information regarding CMS Trainings including training syllabi on our website
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CMS trainings are intended for:

🖝 CAT operators/air carriers, SPO/SPO-HR operators
🖝 Complex/Non-Complex air operators
🖝 Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in the field of monitoring and assuring compliance with regulations

Trainings include such elements as:

πŸ–ˆ Management system requirements and rules, as stated in PART OPS
πŸ–ˆ Integrated management systems
πŸ–ˆ Compliance monitoring rules and practices, including FDMS
πŸ–ˆ Compliance monitoring programme design
πŸ–ˆ Audit planning - check lists development
πŸ–ˆ Objective compliance audits and reporting methods
πŸ–ˆ Audit reports and records
πŸ–ˆ Role of an Accountable Manager responsible for compliance monitoring process and reacting to the outcome of compliance monitoring