Crew Resource Management

Each crew member shall attend a CRM (Crew Resource Management) training designed to meet the needs concerning roles and responsibilities on the aircraft. These requirements are valid for both cockpit crew (pilots) and cabin crew.

The aim of CRM training is to transfer knowledge which gives the ability to use all the available resources (e.g. crew members, systems, devices) in safe and effective manner.

CRM training is supposed to improve communication and management skills of crew members. It has to be emphasized that non-technical knowledge (NOTECHS) as well as crew skills and attitude are essential part of this training.
NOTECHS (non-technical skills) - this is approved air crew CRM skill assessment method.

NOTECH structure consists of four main categories:

Cooperation - ability to work effectively as part of the crew.
Effective leadership and managing skills - elements and features, which facilitate to achieve a common goal within a motivated, fully collaborating team.
Situational awareness - ability of a precise perception of different elements in the cockpit/cabin and outside an aircraft, as well as ability to understand the meaning of various elements in certain environment and predict their status in the nearest future.
Decision making - judgement and selection process

CRM trainings are conducted in a classroom by experienced trainers who have required qualifications, in a friendly atmosphere, enabling participants to interact and communicate in environment which facilitates learning.
You can find detailed information regarding CRM Trainings including training syllabi on our website
(developed for PC/laptops)

CRM trainings are conducted as group sessions in one of two variants:

◈ Basic (introduction)
◈ Recurrent (on yearly basis)

We also conduct trainings for CRM Instructors/Trainers:

◈ Basic (introduction)
◈ Recurrent

Each CRM training is based on the Operations Manual Part D, which ensures that all the operator-specific CRM-related requirements are fulfilled, in compliance with ORO.GEN.205.