Flight Operations

We offer professional trainings in the field of binding national and international regulations, operational procedures, planning, preparing and carrying out air operations.

OPS trainings are intended for:

🖝 Aircraft crew members
🖝 Flight dispatchers
🖝 OCC employees
🖝 Flight operations engineers
🖝 Aviation authority inspectors
🖝 Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in this field
We conduct trainings in the following subject areas:

PART OPS - wide range of trainings for air operators (2018/1139 and 965/2012 regulations)
FPM - Flight Planning and Monitoring
ETOPS - Extended Range Operations with Two-Engined Aeroplanes
EDTO - Extended Diversion Time Operations
RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
PBN  - Performance Based Navigation
EFB - Electronic Flight Bag
NAT/HLA - North Atlantic/Hight Level Airspace
A/I - Anti/De-Ice
Trainings are conducted by qualified, experienced and certified instructors.

Training may be adjusted to customer’s individual needs, taking into consideration type of conducted operations and profile of participants (their positions, responsibilities, etc.).