Safety Management System

Safety Management System (SMS) constitutes a systematic approach to safety management, together with specifying responsibility, necessary organisational infrastructure, rules and procedures.

The aim of Safety Management System is to assure orderly approach to managing an organisation in a manner allowing to control risk connected with air operations.

Effective safety management must consider specifics of both organisational structure and processes connected with safety of air operations.
You can find detailed information regarding SMS Trainings including training syllabi on our website
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SMS trainings are intended  for:

Air operators
Ground handling agents (HA)
ATC services
Aerodrome managers
Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in the field of safety management in aviation

Sample issues discussed during SMS training:

Safety Management System (SMS) requirements
Safety Policy, Just Culture, Safety Culture
Planning, management and safety assurance
Safety promotion
Personnel - requirements, responsibilities, permissions
Threat identification
SMS structure and documentation

Trainings are based on:

📚 EU 965/2012 Part ORO i ORA (GEN.200)/AMC/GM, NPA ADR+TECH
📚 Aneks 19 ICAO