Weight And Balance

We offer professional trainings in the field of Weight and Balance, taking into consideration specifics of certain aircraft type/variant or even the specific aircraft S/N.

WAB trainings are intended for:

Aircraft crew members
Flight dispatchers
Flight operations engineers
Ground Handling agents
Aviation authority inspectors
Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in the field of weight and balance

Trainings are conducted by qualified, experienced and certified instructors.
During WAB trainings, following issues are discussed:

Principles, definitions, rules and methods of weight and balance

Aircraft manufacturer’s documentation (AFM, POM, WBM)

Operational documentation used during the weight and balance process as well as methods of filling in during respective stages of the process (Loadsheet, Loading Instruction/Report, NOTOC)

LDM, CPM, UCM, MVT messages

BULK and containerized airplanes


ULD (Unit Load Devices)
- pallets and containers, loading, mounting and securing methods, limitations

Aircraft specifics, taking into consideration its construction, limitations, dimensions and individual features which must be considered while load planning

Manual and computer methods

Influence of weight and centre of gravity on aircraft performance and flight safety

Combining theory with practice - multiple exercises calculated together with the instructor

Each training may be prepared individually, taking into consideration needs of our Customers.